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It all begins when Dino and Stéphane, two engineers from the finance and banking industry met in Geneva. The vision of a daily life free from paperwork was born. They started developing the solution in 2012 and this is the beginning of the end of frustrating administrative tasks. In 2014, both colleagues founded RedTape and launched a unique solution dedicated to effortless, safer, simpler and quicker paperwork management for all.


We are a solid team of engineers based in Geneva, Switzerland. We are driven by quality, simplicity, honesty, innovation and fun. At RedTape, we believe that your time is precious and that your talents are best used doing something else than red tape. That’s our job. We are here to simplify your paperwork. To free you from your administrative burden.

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«Red tape» actually refers to the very first effort to modernise the administration in the 16th century: A vivid red string was used to bind the important administrative documents in order to underline their urgency and speed up their execution.
Five centuries later, we thought we could do simpler and safer.
At the dawn of the digital age, it was high time we upgraded the red tape itself…

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