Why would I need RedTape?

If you value your free time and do not like waisting it on repetitive, monotonous and never-ending administrative tasks, then RedTape can help you. What a house cleaner does to your home, RedTape does to your daily paperwork: keep it always in order, without you needing to intervene, except when your decision is necessary. Moreover, you can access your PrivateOffice on-line and communicate with your personal assistant.

How does my administrative mail comes to you?

You can redirect  your administrative correspondence to RedTape on a contract-by-contract basis. For example, you can redirect your insurances, phone, electricity, etc mail, but not your bank statements. You decide. All you need to do is take a photo of the first page of an invoice or another document and send it to your administrative assistant. Again, with iPhone and iPad apps it is very easy to do so.

Your administrative assistant will draft a letter on your behalf and ask the company to send all future correspondence related to the given contract to your new correspondence address at RedTape.

Do I need to scan my documents myself and upload them to my Platform Desk?

No. The correspondence that you decide to have in your RedTape Office arrives there directly so you can stop opening your letter box. We receive the documents and do the scanning for you, file it with the right contract, create a task for you to tell you what needs to be done and by when, send you reminders if you procrastinate… It’s all done and organised for you, just sit back and relax!

When you become client you get new correspondence addresses at RedTape, one electronic and one physical, of the form:

John Smith

 c/o RedTape

chemin du Pré-Fleuri 3

1228 Plan-les-Ouates

You chose which administrative mail you would like RadTape to handle for you. That could include documents related to your insurance contracts, telephony, cable, tax, … but not your bank statements. We will do the redirection for you and you can stop opening your post box!

I need a Private Secretary, but only for few hours per month. Is that possible?

Yes. You decide for how many hours and we will give you a dedicated private secretary. Your secretary will sign a confidentiality agreement in person and can start working for you.

Can I pay my invoices using RedTape?

RedTape greatly facilitates invoice payments through your e-banking, without RedTape needing to access to your bank accounts. Let’s explain…
The ‘Payments’ view in your PrivateOffice application lists all your outstanding payments. You can simply drag and drop those that you wish to pay into a ‘Payment Order’ zone and the system will generate a DTA file for you. DTA file is a standard format for payment orders that all e-banking systems in Switzerland recognise. You can then log into your e-banking, upload the DTA file, validate and execute those payments with few clicks, without needing to manually enter any payment details.

Do I still receive postal mail at my home address?

Only the correspondence that you have decided not to redirect to RedTape, as well as certain types of consignments, such as parcels and personal delivery items.

I don’t speak French and most of my documents are in French. Can you help me?

Yes. Your dedicated administrative assistant at RedTape speaks French and English and all your RedTape applications (phone, tablet and web) are in both languages. You chose. If something is not clear to you about your document in French, just give a call to your assistant, he will explain. Or simply ask the question using your RedTape apps!

What happens to my original documents once you’ve scanned them?

After scanning, all paper documents are safeguarded for 30 days. If you do not claim the original during that period, we destroy the document and recycle the paper.

We electronically sign all scanned documents (pdfs) with a certificate, that gives them the same legal and fiscal value as their paper original. The paper original thus becomes obsolete.

Where are my electronic documents kept?

RedTape is 100% Swiss-made! Our data centres are physically located in Switzerland, RedTape is fully operated from Switzerland and under Swiss jurisdiction.

Which internet browser should I use for best user experience?

RedTape services are available on all browsers.

For an optimal user experience, please use Google Chrome.

Safari users may encounter difficulties to download or print documents, AdobePDFReader plug-in should be activated to enable these functionalities (https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/display-pdf-in-browser.html).

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